Have you always wanted the look of an old wood floor ? You have seen the floor you want, but how do you get it to look a hundred years old ?Floortique has the answer.

We have some worked and aged wood planks, several of which are a top layer bonded to a new engineered base making them easy to fit too, and without huge gaps between the boards.

We offer not just the hand scraped surfaces of most wood flooring suppliers but also carefully sourced boards with a worn face that look every bit as good as genuine reclaimed wood flooring.

ripped oak versailles
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Aged Oak Boards

Hampton Manor Oak Floor

Hampton Manor Antique Oak Floor Hand Finished Engineered Wide Boards

French Ripped Oak

French Ripped Oak

Rough Hewn French Oak in engineered planks 220mm wide in a variety of bespoke finishes 16mm thick.

French Ripped Oak Range

Distressed Bespoke Finishes 18mm

Bespoke Distressed Oak

Distressed Oak
3 widths
Bespoke Distressed Oak in 3 widths

Distressed Oak
Bespoke fumed hardwax oiled oak

Distressed Oak
Fumed and Brushed
Bespoke Distressed Oak fumed and brushed

Distressed Oak
Bespoke Distressed Oak in 3 widths

Distressed Oak
Planed and Fumed
Bespoke Distressed oak Planed and fumed

Distressed Oak
Fumed 3 widths
Bespoke Distressed oak Planed and fumed

Split Oak 15mm Aged Boards 190mm wide

Corea Aged Oak

Ereditato Aged Oak

Largo Aged Oak

Ocota Aged Oak

Napo Aged Oak


15mm Aged Boards Da Capo 190mm wide

Sparuto Aged Oak

Unico Aged Oak

Domo Kahrs Da Capo

Maggiore Aged Oak

Decorum Kahrs Da Capo

Dussato Kahrs Da Capo

Indossati Aged Oak


Sawn Oak Bespoke
Aged sawn Oak

Reclaimed Oak Light
Reclaimed Oak Light

Reclaimed Oak Dark
Reclaimed Oak Dark

Dryden Aged Oak

Lanark Oak
Lanark Oak

Old Mill
Old Mill Aged Oak



Other Aged Boards
Barn Oak reclaimed

Floortique can also offer genuine reclaimed Oak Barn flooring.

The real deal, and an old wood floor in an instant.


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