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End Grain Blocks
Oiba Oak End Grain Block pavers

Oiba Oak End Grain Hexagon Block pavers

Unique Oak End Grain Block pavers.

Available as loose blocks in various sizes made to order

42 x 42, 80 x 54,100 x 100, 90 x 140, 140 x 140mm and hexagon.

Pictured here in blocks 100 x 100 brushed unfinished and 20mm thick.

Below Hexagons 140mm from top top bottom x 20mm thick.

These are individually glued down and finished on site generally with a hard wax oil, or they can be stained first and then oiled.

Product Details

Price on Application
42 x 42 x 18 unfinished sanded £poa £poa
80 x 54 x 18 unfinished sanded £poa £poa
90 x 140 x 20 unfinished brushed £poa £poa
100 x 100 x 20 unfinished brushed £poa £poa
140 x 140 x 20 unfinished brushed £210.00 £175.00
Hexagons x 20 unfinished brushed £252.00 £210.00
Tel : 0118 907 6533
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