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Arena Oak sanded oiled Prime  engineered Board

  • Advanced technologies created by TEKMAHEAT® are constantly monitored for superior functionality.
    The system is handled by sophisticated managing software WinTek The thermo treating process is ecological - no use of ammoniac or any chemical additives, and is a real alternative for exotics woods.
    The chamber is built to resist the corrosive acids and other chemicals
    The thermal treatment process can be carried on pre-dried or raw timber.

    Thermo treatment - 3 step process.

    1.The process of thermo-treatment is computerized. Wood is heated at high temperature (with a maximum of 180 to 230 °C) according to the class of treatment programmed.
    2.Depending on the initial moisture content of wood and its dimensions, the temperature is maintained up to 30 hours.
    3.Then by reconditioning method the temperature is decreased. After thermo treatment the moisture content decreases up to 4-5%.

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Element : Ultimate quality boards

Wild Rose Oiled
Element Prime engineered Oak Wild Rose Oiled

Wild Rose Oiled Oak boards.

Very stable engineered board with top quality construction of equal 4mm layer top and bottom and birch plywood core providing the ultimate in stability preventing any reaction to changes in temperature or humidity.

Tongue and Groove micro bevelled.

Use with underfloor heating.

180mm wide 14.5mm rustic grade from stock.
Prices below
20mm and higher grades available to order.

Hardwood layers top and bottom
Arena Oak sanded oiled Prime  engineered Board


  • Shrinking and swelling is decreased.
  • Stability is increased by more than 50% thanks to the moisture content, which falls by 4-5%
  • Packs should be stored in the room where they are due to be laid for a minimum of 72 hours prior to laying to allow the timber to acclimatize to local conditions.
  • Water resistance is significantly increased.
  • Decay resistance is improved
  • Color will be dark throughout the wood
  • Longevity is improved
  • Protection against the biological damage (i.e. fungus)
  • Reinforced Thermaly modified wood is a perfect alternative for tropical hard wood

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180 x 14.5 x 1200-2400mm £78.72 £65.60
20mm made to order POA POA
Tel : 0118 907 6533
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Invisible Oiled
Element Prime engineered Invisible Oiled Oak board

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