Floortique brings to you our Engineered Hard Wood flooring.

View our range of reasonably priced quality multi ply floor boards, available in a range of thicknesses. Ultra thin 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 15mm, 18mm and 2omm, with either a 3mm, 4mm or 6mm wear layer.

The Ultra Thin 7mm has a 0.6mm veneer bonded to the base layer. It is dimensionally stable and appropriate even when the height is not an issue. easy to handle and easy to fit as a floating floor.

These are available in the classic Oiled or Lacquered finishes but also a variety of other aged or stained surfaces including White, Smoked and Grey Oiled.

We can offer American Walnut in the 7mm in 3 different widths, and also in 18 and 21mm thicknesses.

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Engineered Boards Various wear layers and Board Thicknesses

7mm Linnea Ultra Thin Space Saving Boards

Oak Breeze
7mm engineered Oak Breeze

Oak Tide
7mm engineered Oak Tide

Walnut Bloom
7mm engineered Walnut Bloom

Oak Sugar FSC
7mm Engineered Oak Sugar FSC

Walnut Cocoa
7mm Engineered Walnut Cocoa

Oak Tower
7mm engineered Oak Tower

Oak Gate
7mm engineered Oak Gate

Oak Dome
7mm engineered Oak Dome

Oak Castle
7mm engineered Oak Castle

Walnut Statue
7mm Engineered Walnut Statue

10mm Boards Kahrs Spirit 2mm wear layer

Arctic Oak
Arctic Oak, Kahrs Unity

Reef Oak
Reef Oak, Kahrs Unity

Park Oak
Park Oak, Kahrs Brushed lacquered

Forest Oak
Forest Oak, Kahrs Unity

Orchard Walnut
Orchard Walnut, Kahrs  lacquered

Garden Walnut
Garden Walnut, Kahrs  lacquered

Groove Walnut
Groove Walnut, Kahrs  lacquered

Helix Oak
Helix Oak, Kahrs Brushed Oiled

Trench Oak
Trench Oak, Kahrs Brushed hand scraped oiled

Crater Oak
Crater Oak, Kahrs Brushed hand scraped oiled

Husk Oak
Husk Oak, Kahrs Brushed hand scraped oiled

Safari Oak
Safari Oak, Kahrs Brushed hand scraped oiled

13mm Avanti 3 Strip Flooring

Ash Ceriale
Ash Ceriale, Kahrs Avanti

Ash Vaila
Ah Vaila Kahrs Avanti

Maple Gotha
Maple Gotha Kahrs Avanti

Oak Abetone
Oak Abetone Kahrs Avanti

Oak Erve
Oak Erve Kahrs Avanti

Oak Lecco
Oak Lecco Kahrs Avanti

14mm Boards 3mm wear layer 150mm wide

Oiled Oak
Oiled  Oak

Lacquered Oak
lacquered Oak

Rustic Pale Oak
Rustic Pale Oak

Rustic Aged Oak
Rustic Aged Oak

Rustic Warm Oak
Rustic Warm Oak

Rustic Dark Oak
Rustic Dark Oak


14mm Essentials 3mm wear layer 190mm wide

Oak AB Unfinished
Unfinished  Oak 14mm

Brushed Unfinished
Unfinished  Oak 14mm

Matt Lacquered Oak
lacquered Oak

Oiled Oak
Oiled Oak 14mm

Walnut Lacquered
Walnut Lacquered

Walnut Oiled
Walnut Oiled

Oak Smoked Unfinished
Rustic Aged Oak


15mm Essentials 4mm wear layer

Unfinished Oak
15mm Unfinished Oak

Oiled Oak
15mm Oiled Oak

Lacquered Oak
15mm Lacquered Oak

Brushed Lacquered
Brushed Lacquered Oak

Smoked White
Oiled Oak
Smoked White Oiled Oak

Dark Smoked
White Oiled Oak
Dark Smoked White Oiled Oak

15mm Boards Nordic Naturals 200mm wide 3 strip

Nordic Naturals Collection Kahrs

Ash Gothenburg
Ash Gothenburg Kahrs Nordic Naturals

Ash Kalmar
Ash Kalmar Ash Gothenburg Kahrs Nordic Naturals

Beech Viborg
Beech Viborg Ash Gothenburg Kahrs Nordic Naturals

Beech Hellerup
Walnut Hartford Kahrs American

15mm Boards Sand Collection 187-200mm wide 1, 2 and 3 strip in Ash and Oak

Sand Collection Kahrs

Ash Aalborg
Ash Aalborg Kahrs Sand Collection

Ash Mariehamn
Ash Mariehamn Kahrs Sand Collection

Ash Falsterbo
Ash Falsterbo Kahrs Sand Collection

Ash Sandvig
Ash Sandvig Kahrs Sand Collection

Ash Skagen
Ash Skagen Kahrs Sand Collection

Oak Brighton
Oak Brighton Kahrs Sand Collection

Oak Estoril
Oak Estoril Kahrs Sand Collection

Oak Portofino
Oak Portofino Kahrs Sand Collection

Oak Sorrento
Oak Sorrento Kahrs Sand Collection

15mm Boards Harmony Collection 200mm wide 3 strip

Sand Collection Kahrs

Ash Alabaster
Ash Alabaster Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Pale
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Limestone
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Dew
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Frost
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Stone
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Alloy
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Ale
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Smoke
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Soil
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Brownie
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

Oak Lava
Oak Pale Kahrs Harmony Collection

15mm Boards European 187mm wide 1, 2 and 3 strip satin, matt lacquered or oiled.

European Collection Kahrs

Salzburg Maple
Salzburg Maple Kahrs European

Siena 3 Strip
Siena Kahrs European

Verona 2 Strip
Verona Kahrs European

Vienna 3 Strip
Vienna Kahrs European

Burgundy Kahrs European

Cornwall Kahrs European

Hampshire Kahrs European

Jersey Kahrs European

Staffordshire Kahrs European

15mm Boards American 200mm wide 3 strip Cherry, Maple and Walnut.

American Naturals Collection Kahrs

Maple Toronto
Maple Toronto Kahrs American

Cherry Savannah
Cherry Savannah Kahrs American

Walnut Georgia
Walnut Georgia Kahrs American

Walnut Hartford
Walnut Hartford Kahrs American

Walnut Montreal
Walnut Montreal Kahrs American

Walnut Philadelphia
Walnut Philadelphia Kahrs American

15mm Classic Nouveau 187mm wide Lacquered

Classic Nouveau Kahrs

Blonde Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Snow Kahrs Classic Nouveau

White Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Grey Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Greige Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Bronze Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Rich Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Tawny Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Black Kahrs Classic Nouveau

Charcoal Kahrs Classic Nouveau

15mm Clean Oak Boards Capital 187mm wide Lacquered

Capital Kahrs

Paris Kahrs Capital

Dublin Kahrs Capital

Berlin Kahrs Capital

15mm Boards Domani 190mm wide Hardwax

Domani Kahrs

Chiaro Kahrs Domani

Nebbia Kahrs Domani

Bruma Kahrs Domani

Foschia Kahrs Domani

Bronzo Kahrs Domani

Suolom Kahrs Domani

Scurro Kahrs Domani

15mm Boards Artisan 190mm wide Handscraped

Artisan Kahrs

Oyster Kahrs Artisan

Linen Kahrs Artisan

Concrete Kahrs Artisan

Camino Kahrs Artisan

Straw Kahrs Artisan

Tan Kahrs Artisan

Earth Kahrs Artisan

Carob Kahrs Artisan

15mm Boards Founders 187mm wide Brushed

Founders Kahrs

Olof Kahrs Founders

Gustaf Kahrs Founders

Johan Kahrs Founders

Sture Kahrs Founders

Fredrik Kahrs Founders

Ulf Kahrs Founders

15mm Boards Shine 187 or 130mm wide

Shine Kahrs

Opaque Kahrs Shine

Pearl Kahrs Shine

Fumoir Kahrs Shine

Black Copper
Black Copper Kahrs Shine

Black Silver
BLack Silver Kahrs Shine



15mm Rustic Boards Smaland 187mm wide

Smaland kahrs

Aspeland Kahrs Smaland

Vista Kahrs Smaland

Kinda Kahrs Smaland

Ydre Kahrs Smaland

More Kahrs Smaland

Handbord Kahrs Smaland

Finnveden Kahrs Smaland

Svede Kahrs Smaland

Vedbo Kahrs Smaland

Tveta Kahrs Smaland



15mm Boards Designer Finishes 180mm wide

Designer Finshes cashmere

Designer Finshes Paperback

Designer Finshes Sandbank

Designer Finshes Moccasin

Designer Finshes satchel

Designer Finshes Arbour

Designer Finshes Liquorice

Designer Finshes Windspray

Designer Finshes Silverleaf

Designer Finshes Nightfall


18mm Boards 4mm wear layer

Brushed Oiled Oak
Brushed Oiled Oak

Lacquered Oak
Lacquered Oak

American Walnut
American Walnut

Ottanta UV 20mm Long Boards 6mm wear layer

Ottanta Oak
Ottanta 20mm UV Oiled  Oak

Ottanta Due Oak
Ottanta Due 20mm UV Oiled  Oak

Ottanta Quattro Oak
Ottanta Quattro 20mm UV Oiled  Oak

Ottanta Sei Oak
Ottanta Sei 20mm UV Oiled  Oak

Ottanta Otto Oak
Ottanta Otto 20mm UV Oiled  Oak

Ottanta Nove Oak
Ottanta Nove 20mm UV Oiled  Oak

20mm Essentials Boards 6mm wear layer

Unfinished Oak
Unfinished Oak engineered boards

Lacquered Oak
20mm Lacquered Oak

Brushed Lacquered
20mm Brushed Lacquered Oak

Oiled Oak
20mm Oiled  Oak

Brushed Oiled Oak
20mm Brushed Oiled Oak

Brushed White Oiled
20mm Brushed Oiled Oak

Smoked Oiled
20mm Smoked Oiled  Oak

Dark Smoked
Oiled Oak
20mm Dark Smoked Oiled Oak

Smoked Brushed
White Oiled Oak
20mm Smoked Brushed White Oiled

Dark Smoked Brush
White Oiled Oak
20mm Dark Smoked Brushed White Oiled

American Walnut
Oiled or Lacquered

American Walnut


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