Designer Wood Cladding.

Timber Wall Cladding is nothing new and has been used for centuries as a method of insulating walls either on the inside or the outside of buildings.

However it is seeing a resurgence in popularity partly due to use in public buildings such as London bars and restaurants. Pictured is a Bavarian restaurant using oak with plenty of visible sapwood fixed in diamond repeats.

Timber Wall Cladding

Our collection is narrowed down to some purpose made products and some interesting flooring which can make a strong visual impact when used on a vertical surface. Of course any engineered or solid board can be fixed vertically and with the right choice it can add both functionality and designer style to your project.

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Wall Cladding

Timber Wall Cladding Reclaimed Teak Mosaic

Metro Tile

Oak metro tile

Pine metro tile

Poplar metro tile

Mosaic Collection

Reclaimed Spruce
Reclaimed Spruce

Reclaimed Oak
Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed Teak
Reclaimed Teak Strips

Teak Relief
Teak Relief Mosaics

Aged Veneers and Boards

Reclaimed Pine

Grey Pine
Reclaimed Grey Pine

Solid Spruce
Burnt Antiqued
Solid Spruce Black Antiqued

Painted Pine
Painted Pine


Rustic Cork
Rustic Cork Wall cladding

Cork Wall Cladding.

Not wood strictly speaking but it does come from a tree. The bark to be precise.

Ready to fix wall panels can be made up from broken edged pieces of cork. Shown here in various thicknesses and in relief it makes for an excellent sound proofing material as well as being very attractive with its natural colours and variation.

Sawn & Brushed
Designer sawn finish Oak

Floortique can offer several wood flooring options not shown.

Seen here; sawn and brushed then white oiled oak, similar effect to the floors in Tate Modern by Herzog and de Meuron.

Random boards x 190 x 15mm from £69.86/m² + vat

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